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Our consultancy is based in London and has partnerships with top-ranked Universities and Colleges. If you want to fulfil your potential by studying the course you love, we'll help make it a reality!

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    I have been impressed with the professionalism they have offered me. They were always making sure I know everything I needed to know in order to do my University application. Moreover, they were also kind and polite and showed a lot of interest in helping me. I have successfully been accepted to LCCA because of their huge help! Highly recommend!👏🏻

    Very friendly staff and very helpful. Highly recommended this school if you wants to study. They look after you, to make sure you are in the right place. Thank you staff Georgiana and Bianca for all help you offer me and support 🙌

    Thank you very much for the support you offer me through all way to get registered to University. The information provided by you was always very accurate and quick. I want to thank in particular to Bianca and Georgiana.

    Thank you Georgiana from i-Learn for helping me with everything I needed to be able to enter my dream course! Amazing communication, professionality and availability! I truthfully recommend this team to anyone who wants to make a career in the future!

    Amazing! Great communication and so much professional. I've finally been able to start my dream course and all thanks to them! I TOTALLY and unconditionally recommend them!!!!

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      My goal is to inspire change through education: every obstacle becomes an opportunity for growth

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      A calm, understanding person, Angela can help you with any information regarding the partner universities.

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      My role is to analise all of your abilities and choose the course that suits your…

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      Oana is our new colleague, your support for Students Finance.

      Student Finance

      Empowering students and supporting them with funding options to transform their dreams into tangible realities.

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      How iLearn Works?

      iLearn is a representative for many British Universities and Colleges. We specialize in getting learners accepted into some of the top academic places for a better life. We work to get you accepted into Universities and Colleges, help you with student finance applications, and support you in finding accommodation. What’s more, all these services are free!

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      Colleges and Universities from London and more.


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